HKL-3000 Installation

Pre-requisites for HKL-3000

The HKL-3000 program is available for and was tested on the following platforms:


HKL-3000 interacts with external crystallography programs that must be installed prior to HKL-3000 installation, including:

The optional packages include, but are not limited to:


The versions of external crystallography programs should be as listed above. These programs have to be installed and configured correctly prior to HKL-3000 installation.


The minimum screen resolution required by HKL-3000 is 1024 x 860.

Download and extract the HKL installer package

Log into the HKL License Management System at:

Login using the information provided in your registration confirmation email. Click on the “Download Software” link and proceed to the FTP server.  Download the package compatible with your system.

Decompress the package

The process of extracting the compressed file is system dependent. Decompressing the package will create the installer directory (for example: “HKL3000_v707_installer-Linux-x86_64”). 

tar zxfv  HKL3000_v707_installer-Linux-x86_64.tar.gz

Obtain a license key

A license key must be obtained before installation. To obtain a license key, you must first run the program “access_prod” found in the installation directory. To run this program, open a terminal, navigate to the installation directory and issue the command “./acces_prod”. (Double clicking the icon will not work.) This program will ask a few questions and gather hardware specific information.  For the CCP4-APS workshop, use the answers below.   

The access_prod program will produce a file called “info,” which contains the information necessary to generate a license key. To generate the key (cr_info), return to the HKL License Management System ( ) and login again if necessary.


Installing HKL-3000

HKL_installer is a program that assists with the proper installation of the HKL-3000 program. The version available for the CCP4-APS workshop permits data indexing, integration, scaling, and structure solution within HKL-3000.

·         In a terminal window, enter the installation directory start the installer with the command “./HKL_installer”.

·         On the first page, define the location of the cr_info license file and select HKL-3000.

·         On the second page, confirm acceptance of the license conditions.

·         On the next page, choose to create a new installation.

·         On the subsequent page, define where each external program is located. Optionally, the HKL_installer may search for the location of external programs inside a user defined directory.

·         On the next page, define the detector definitions directory (default is /usr/local/hklint) and the base installation directory (default is /usr/local/HKL).

·         On the next page, the HKL_installer tests the external programs’ setups and begins the installation process.

·         After installation is completed, the last page shows final notes, for example, how to run HKL-3000 from a command line.

Useful links

·                                       -           general workshop page

·                                   -           download & installation info

·   -           login